Cookie Policy

The way we track information about people who visit our site is by using cookies. This information includes your IP address, operating system and browser type, in order for us to learn aggregate information. This is never used to identify any individual. It also allows us to present you with a consistent experience with our website, and also to use web analytic tools to see how our sites are used in order to improve them.

Cookies are small pieces of data created when you visit a website and are stored in the cookies directory on your computer. They do not give us any access to your computer and cannot be used to identify an individual user. They’re used by many websites.

The two main site cookies are as follows:

Essential site cookies – ll2017 – This is an online site cookie, and is essential for the site to operate. It is deleted when you close your browser. For more information, visit this page about PHP cookies.

Google cookies – _utma _utmb _utmc _utmt _utmz _ga

These are Google cookies, which collect information, in an anonymous form, about how visitors use our site, which pages they visited, where they come from, and the number of visitors to our site. Click here for an overview of privacy at Google. If you would prefer not to use cookies, you can opt out of it by changing your browser settings. It should only take a few simple steps.

1. Go to “Tools” on your internet browser. On some browsers, this may be an icon of a spanner or gears.
2. Then go to “Options”, “Preferences” or “Settings”, depending on the browser you are using.

The cookies setting will be either in “Privacy”, “Advanced” or “Under the hood”, depending on the browser. You will then be able to select your settings as required.